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An archive of Star Trek News

Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
October 27, 2002 - 12:17 PM

  • has interviewed Scott Bruno of Taldren, the company developing the upcoming 'Starfleet Command III.' "Starfleet Command has become better and better with each version, and although Iíve always been happy with the games we make, this one Iím truly proud of," he said. "It is without a doubt the best of the series, and I canít wait for the day it hits the shelves." The full interview is available at this page. A chat transcript with the development team is also available here.

  • Part one of's four-part preview of 'Starfleet Command III' is available. The series of articles takes an in-depth look at the races featured in the game, with the first edition featuring the Federation.

  • Over at HomeLan Fed, John Callaham has previewed 'Starfleet Command III.' Here's an excerpt from the article:

    "While the previous games in the Starfleet Command series have been accused of being too hard to get into, it's clear that Taldren is making this game a bit more user friendly without sacrificing the deep gameplay from the first two titles. With improved graphics, a switch to the Next Gen timeline, and a new Dynaverse multiplayer mode, our time with playing the beta of Starfleet Command III has convinced us that Taldren's latest space strategy game could the best game yet in this series."

    Read the complete preview here.

  • "It's pretty clear Taldren and Activision's newest venture into the uncharted and perilous depths of space will not leave players engulfed in the franchise disappointed," wrote IGN PC's Ivan Sulic in his preview of 'Starfleet Command III'. "Provided the kinks and quirks get worked out and the balancing gets the serious look it's no doubt receiving, SFC III could very well be the next big Star Trek game." Head over to the web site to read more.

  • Switching over to 'Star Trek: Elite Force II,' GameSpot has previewed the forthcoming first-person shooter sequel. Here's an extract from the article:

    While Star Trek Elite Force II has not reached that all-important alpha milestone yet, it is very far along in its development, and most of its gameplay features have been implemented. The developers are still working out the finer points and smoothing out the edges, of course, but the game is on track to be released in the first quarter of 2003.

    The full article is available here.

  • An extensive interview with members of the 'Elite Force II' production team is available in two parts at Action Vault. "Our primary goal for Elite Force II is to deliver a great game that is fun for Star Trek fans and gamers alike," said producer Jon Galloway. "The Star Trek license really involves a lot of great characters and stories, while FPS games are all about fun action sequences. In an effort to deliver a fun Star Trek FPS, our design goals were geared towards creating a Star Trek action game with a great story to help drive the game forward with a plot while building strong character relationships." Further comments can be found in part one and part two.

  • Doug Wilson at has interviewed Steve 'Badman' Hessel, webmaster of, the official fan site of 'Elite Force II' developer Ritual Entertainment. In the article, Hessel talks about his experience playing the game, new weapons, and the multiplayer feature.

  • The Trek Universe Network is celebrating its grand opening by giving away several Trek gaming-related products, including copies of 'Bridge Commander,' 'Armada II' box art posters and more. Find out more information here.

    Thanks to Blue's News and for most of these!

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