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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Caillan
October 27, 2002 - 12:13 PM

  • The New York Post reported that producer Tom Cole would like Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) to provide a voice in the animated film version of 'The Crazy Horse Chronicles.' Thanks to Donna from Project Quantum Leap for this!

  • According to TV Now, the November 5 episode of Frasier will feature a Trek-related plotline.

    Frasier fails to deliver Scott Bakula's autograph to the avid 'Star Trek' fan who is teaching him Hebrew for Fredrick's Bar Mitzvah.

    There is currently no news on whether the episode will include a guest appearance by Bakula. Frasier airs at Tuesday 9:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on NBC. Thanks to Allison and Bakula News for this!

  • TrekWeb will be holding a live chat with Enterprise story editor Andre Bormanis on November 14. Go here to submit questions.

  • The recent episode 'A Night In Sickbay' was awarded a D grade by reviewer 'Keckler' at Television Without Pity. "It was a puerile romp through a night in the life of a particularly whiny captain, who blames his behavior on his so-called concern for his dog," she wrote.

  • Over at the Starfleet Library, C.A. Voigts gave 'Dead Stop' a score of 3 out of 5.

    What a difference a year makes. A year ago, Archer and Trip were surveying the Enterprise and Archer was complaining about a scratch on the paint. This year, the damage is a little more extensive. But, it's nice to have a logical reason for the Enterprise to be fixed so quickly so the ship can keep going and a good reason that Malcolm is able to return to duty so soon.

    Read the full analysis at this page.

  • The 'Make A DS9 Movie' petition now has over 13,000 signatures. Sign the petition here; the "closing date" is December 10.

  • The DVD Review has posted an article about hidden features in 'Star Trek III: The Search For Spock' Special Edition DVD set. Thanks to 'Captain Joe' for this!

  • Robert Picardo (the EMH) will guest star in tonight's episode of The Practice as stem cell researcher Dr. Edmunds. The episode will air at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on ABC. Thanks to for this!

  • Recent updates at Psi Phi's Star Trek Books Database include excerpts from the 'Shockwave' novelisation and 'The Captain's Peril', and the cover art for 'The Left Hand of Destiny' Book One and Book Two.

  • Penny Johnson Jerald (Kasidy Yates) talks 24's second season at Zap2it.

  • Over at, Julia Houston has posted a new article looking at Sci-Fi fans and Halloween. Here's an extract from the article:

    And so I would ask the Halloween-hating parents out there to take a lesson from us sci-fi/fantasy fans. Someone dressed as Darth Vader at a convention isn't trying to summon the Dark Side of the Force or corrupt others into becoming servants of evil. A guy in a Klingon warrior outfit doesn't wish he could chop your head off. Those teenagers dressed as Borg don't wish to become soulless automatons -- quite the opposite, I should think. Villains' costumes are fun in great part because they "tear down the fort."

    Read more here.

  • The recently-released UK Enterprise video volume 1.12 (featuring 'Fallen Hero' and 'Desert Crossing') includes the 'Star Trek Nemesis' theatrical trailer. Thanks to Mark Hastings for this!

  • The 'Star Trek: The Experience' web site is now selling six-packs and cases of Romulan Ale. The product is only available to U.S. customers over the age of 21. Thanks to Matthew Klamm at for this!

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