Posts 'System Error' Student Film

By Christian
October 27, 2000 - 8:55 PM

In what has got to be the most bizarre news update to appear here at TrekToday since, well, since ever, Brannon Braga fan site just posted a digitised version of a student film made by the 'Voyager' executive producer in 1990. The film, named 'System Error', was made during his time at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Here's how the site describes the film:

Brannon Braga has allowed me to put a startling film that he made while attending UCSC in 1990 on this website for a limited time. Ten years after it was filmed, this story about a man who eats himself continues to thrill viewers.

After having seen the film, I can certainly attest that this film is rather startling, but then I suppose any film featuring Brannon Braga devouring himself would fit that description.

If you want to see the film yourself, it is available at as a 7-minute long digitised video clip with a file size of 5 MB. Be warned that you will find some parts of the film disturbing. Click here to download the film.

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