Legacy and Tactical Assault Near Completion

By Michelle
September 27, 2006 - 10:21 PM

In a new interview, the publishers of new Star Trek games at Bethesda Softworks talked about what Star Trek: Legacy will and will not include and how many missions will be available in Star Trek: Tactical Assault.

TrekCore.com Gaming talked to Bethesda, asking for information about the missions and weapons in the games. Though Bethesda refused to discuss specifics of Legacy's storyline, a spokesperson said, "I will say that we have spanned the entire Trek timeline without resorting to time travel or using Qís omnipotent meddling. You get to see a story unfold over time, during which you play different roles in a large interstellar conflict."

Transitions in the game will be achieved "using some very cool 2D still montage cinematics" and the designers are focusing on producing familiar franchise weaponry: "That is to say, we want to make sure that phasers, pulse cannons, disruptors, shields, photons, etc. look really good and accurately convey an authentic Star Trek experience." There is some possibility that Legacy could be made available later for new game systems such as Nintendo Wii. Bethesda is also considering allowing XBox 360 owners to download additional ships via the XBox Live Marketplace.

Tactical Assault, which has been in development for "about a year", is due out in October with 31 missions. "Most of the missions have internal branches but we donít branch between them," Bethesda explained. "You can complete all the missions in a single play through, but to get an Excellent rating in each of the missions youíll likely need to go back and replay a few of them."

The Orions, Gorn and Romulans are among the aliens in the single player campaigns. "Star Trek never really fleshed out the Orion ships so we had to go through and design those from scratch," said Bethesda's spokesperson. "In addition, the Romulans were rarely seen during that time period...so we had to create a new set of Romulan ship classes.

In other news, Cory Nelson of Quicksilver Software posted news about a video demo at Bethesda Softworks, as noted by Trickster of Star Trek Gaming News. The video features gameplay footage on the Nintendo DS and is available on Veoh.

And Totally360.com has an interview with Mad Doc Software's Gary Conti in their latest podcast, a transcript of which is at STGU.

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