TMP Director's Edition Nominated For Awards

By Caillan
September 27, 2001 - 11:34 AM

The Director's Edition DVD of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' was nominated yesterday in the inaugural Video Premiere Awards, which will be announced on October 23.

Scheduled to be released on November 6, the DVD was recognised in four categories, the official site reported. These included Best Overall New Extra Features, producer David C. Fein, restoration supervisor Michael Matessino and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman for Best New, Enhanced or Reconstructed Movie Scenes, Best DVD Menu Design and Best Audio Commentary.

Star Trek alumni Christopher Lloyd (Kruge), Kirsten Dunst (Hedril in TNG's 'Dark Page) and Christopher Plummer (Chang) were also nominated for awards in various categories. Additionally, Roger Nygard, director of the documentary 'Trekkies,' was nominated for his 'Suckers' screenplay.

The awards, which recognise artistic achievements on releases which premiere on VHS or DVD, are being held for the first time this year. "This is the first recognition of the artistic work being done for the most profitable of all media - home video," said Scott Hettrick editor-in-chief of Video Business magazine, which runs the awards.

The awards will be handed out on October 23 at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Further details can be found in the original article at The DVD can be pre-ordered here at

According to recent reports, TNG will make its DVD debut next year when the series will be released simultaneously world-wide.

The seven-disc season one TNG box set will be released in March, the Region 2 Project reported after contacting sources at Paramount. The Region 1 (North America)and Region 2 (Europe) releases will be identical, both featuring remastered video.

This means that TNG, rather than Voyager, will be the first series to get the DVD treatment in Region 2. Next year will also see the release of 'The Motion Picture' Director's Edition in Region 2, according to the site.

Please note that this has not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount and until then should be treated as you would any rumour. The original report can be found here. Thanks to the Great Link for this!

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