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Linda Park Chats With Fans

By Lisa
September 27, 2001 - 10:24 AM

Fans got their first chance to interact with the cast of Enterprise last night, when Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) took part in an online chat to promote the series premiere.

The actress outlined how she hopes audiences will react to her character. "I hope that they find in Hoshi someone they can relate to as if they were out on a date for the first time. Or maybe for the second time," she told chatters at "Hopefully they'll be able to relate to her and enjoy her enthusiasm. She has a lot of life to her, a lot of energy that I hope audiences will find very refreshing. I hope audiences take to her."

Park also spoke a little about the episode currently in production, which is titled 'Fortunate Son' (story). "The episode that we're on now, we get to meet some more Boomers who are humans that grew up in space on a cargo ship. And Anthony Montgomery - who plays Mayweather - is a Boomer."

How does it feel being one of only two women on the cast? "Well it can be really fun!" Park laughed. "Actually the majority of my friends are male and many of them are very testosterone-driven. It really adds to the chemistry because Jolene (who plays T'Pol) are very strong. There's a lot of friendly gender-battles that go on."

Park revealed a surprising fact about the Enterprise bridge. "I would say one of the most frustrating things is that the buttons don't really push down. It took a while to get used to pressing buttons that don't press!"

How did the actress feel about science fiction when she was growing up? "I did watch Next Generation. And I was a big fan," she said. "But I would have to say my love is scifi books. One of my favourite authors is Ray Bradbury, and 'Martian Chronicles' is one of my favourite books. And funnily, I was a huge fan of Quantum Leap."

The chat ended with Park's thoughts about being recognised from the show. "There are already lots of billboards of Enterprise all around LA - and that's a very bizarre experience to see yourself up on a billboard. Part of me would like to hold on to normalacy and just go on living my life in anonymity. But it also is an exciting and flattering thing to have people recognizee me or ask for my autograph."

More information about chats can be found here, with a transcript of last night's event expected to appear there shortly.

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