'Body & Soul' and 'Flesh & Blood' Cast info

By Amy
September 27, 2000 - 1:40 PM

David Henderson of PsiPhi has compiled a list of the previous credits for the guest actors appearing in the upcoming Star Trek: Voyager episodes, 'Body and Soul' and two-parter, 'Flesh and Blood'.

Body and Soul
  • Fritz Sperberg (Ranek)-- played Second Ixtana'Rax in the DS9 episode "One Little Ship". This is his second Star Trek appearance.

  • Megan Gallagher (Jaryn)-- played Mareel (Verad's 'lady friend') in the DS9 episode "Invasive Procedures", and Nurse Garland in the 1947 Roswell episode of DS9, "Little Green Men". This is her third Star Trek character. (She was also Alyson Veil in the one-season UPN show "Nowhere Man".)

Flesh and Blood I&II

  • Vaughn Armstrong (Alpha-Hirogen)-- was Korris in TNG "Heart of Glory", Gul Danar in DS9 "Past Prologue", Telek R'Mor in VOY "Eye of the Needle", Seskal in DS9 "When it Rains..." and "The Dogs of War", and Two of Nine (Lanca) in VOY "Survival Instinct". This will make his sixth Star Trek character, and his fifth alien race.
  • Cindy Katz (Kejal)-- played Yteppa in the DS9 episode "Second Skin". This is her second Star Trek role.

  • Spencer Garrett (Weiss)-- played 1/4-Romulan crewman Simon Tarses in the TNG episode "The Drumhead". This is his second Star Trek appearance.

  • Paul Eckstein (New Alpha-Hirogen)-- played Fifth Limara'Son (a minor Jem'Hadar officer) in the DS9 episode "Rocks and Shoals", a young Hirogen in both parts of VOY's "The Killing Game", Supervisor Yost in the VOY episode "Gravity", and another Jem'Hadar the DS9 episode "The Dogs of War". His role in "Flesh and Blood, Part II" will be as "New Alpha-Hirogen", so it's suspected this will be the same character from "The Killing Game".

  • Marva Hicks -- previously played T'Pel (Tuvok's wife) in the Voyager episodes "Persistence of Vision" and "Bliss". (She is not listed among the performers in the "Cast & Crew" section of the ST site, but T'Pel is listed as one of the "Characters" for "Body and Soul", so it's assumed that the same actress will play the character here.)

The following actors have no known previous Star Trek Credits.

  • Michael Wiseman (Beta-Hirogen)-- he was on JAG as Jack Riggins in "Overdue and Presumed Lost", and on The Pretender as Mr. Cain in "Meltdown".

  • Ryan Bollman (Donik)-- he was a dog in The Neverending Story III, appeared in an episode of The Pretender, and played 'Lizard' in the "Lady Evil" episode of GvsE.

  • Todd Jeffries (Hirogen One)-- played Collins in the movie Executive Decision.

  • Chad Halyard (Hirogen Two)-- n/a.

  • Don McMillan (Hirogen Three)-- played a bartender in the B5 episode "The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father".

  • Jeff Yagher (Iden)-- played Kyle Bates on "V", Michael Sawyer on an episode of Practice, and Mark Bianco on an episode of Millennium.

Thanks again go out to David Henderson.

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