UPN Promo Transcript

By Amy
September 27, 2000 - 12:29 PM

UPN recently released a Star Trek: Voyager season seven promo, containing what seem to be several new scenes from 'Unimatrix Zero part II'. Doug Wilson has been kind enough (not to mention patient enough) to provide us with a transcript of it, as seen below.

Chakotay as he walks across battle smashed bridge: Our away teams are still trapped on that cube.

(Tactical Cube pass by)

Announcer : Have Voyager's top officers crossed over to the enemy? (Shows shot of Janeway, then Janeway of Borg, as well as Tuvok/Tuvok Borg, and Torres/Torres Borg as they say this.)

(Borg insert something into Janeway's head)

Queen : You're part of us now...

(Borg finish inserting, and light turns blue - they seem to make a note of it.)

(Voyager Viewer shows cube firing)


Announcer : If you've never seen Voyager Before...

(Seven looks startled, Tuvok Borg hits a drone)

Paris in Readyroom: This mission isn't worth their lives!

(Seven runs into exploding Cargobay)

(Tactical Cube pass by)

(Explosion on Cube near Tuvok Drone)

Announcer: This is the night you join the adventure!

Queen: I want you to assimilate Voyager...(Says that to Tuvok, Torres, Janeway who all look worried.)

(MASSIVE shockwave explosion that throws the Borg Sphere that helps Voyager and Voyager)

(Close up of Queen closing her eyes)

Announcer: Star Trek Voyager's Season Premiere, Part of a special two hour event, two weeks from tonight on UPN!

Again, major thanks go out to Doug Wilson.

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