Julia Houston on the Andromeda Premiere

By Amy
September 27, 2000 - 9:07 AM

About.com's Star Trek Guide, Julia Houston, in addition to two new lists - Events of the 24th Cen. Summer Olympics and Signs Chatroom Person Isn't a ST Actor – has put up this week's new feature article, looking at the new series that has many a Star Trek fan excited, Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda'.

It's not a Star Trek series, but that's kind of hard to tell from the way it's being promoted.

It's not even Andromeda, really, but Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

It's all based on ideas Roddenberry had, but couldn't coalesce into a series before his death. The main character is from one series idea, the ship from another, and so on. Just how much is Roddenberry-original and how much is fiddling around is something only Tribune Entertainment knows. But the show has a definite Star Trek feel.

Is it going to be any good? Who knows until we get a few shows? It sounds...promising. There's little doubt that many Trekkers are eager to see it, and Trek-like Websites are springing up even before the show has even made it to the air. So I'll be running a page of Andromeda links and writing up a few short reviews of episodes until we can tell if this one is a dream -- mmmm -- or a dud -- ohhhh.

For more information, have a look at the full article, or wander on over to TrekToday's sister site, Slipstream News

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