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Quinto Thrilled About Spock, Nimoy, Sequels

By Michelle
August 27, 2007 - 9:56 PM

Zachary Quinto said that he made it clear he was interested in playing Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie and beyond, adding that he respects Leonard Nimoy as a well-rounded artist, but he doesn't want to lose touch with his close friends among the Heroes cast.

"The cast is incredibly supportive and incredibly connected and really drawn to one another outside of work," said Quinto, who plays vicious Sylar on Heroes, in an interview at "I think also everybody on the show is grateful to be a part of it and being a part of each other lives. We enjoy each other at work and enjoy each other when we're not at work."

Having met Nimoy at Comic-Con and spent time with him, Quinto said he was not only interested in learning his take on Spock but "just knowing him as a man, knowing him as an artist. I have a profound respect for the journey that he's taken and for the way he's redefined his creative expression over the years." The two discussed the character they will both play in the film, but Quinto said he was not immersing himself in the original series, saying, "I think that the key to the success of this character is probably going to be reestablishing a perspective on this the sense of adventure and freedom and creating what we're creating now."

Quinto said he had made it very clear that he was interested in the role, submitting a videotape and meeting with director J.J. Abrams before he got the offer. He revealed that he had known for more than a month that the role was his before the revelation at Comic-Con, where he found that "people were very supportive and enthusiastic and very excited."

As for the appeal of the character, Quinto said that getting to rediscover the character in his youth "is a really gratifying exploration from a perspective of an actor." He is also enthusiastic about the production team, "the most inventive people in Hollywood today", and the support he has received both from his Heroes producers and from Abrams and Nimoy.

And if this film is successful, ""It is a multiple picture deal, yeah...there's more than one movie attached to this one."

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