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'Enterprise' Makes A Final Stand Against The Augments

By Kristine
August 27, 2004 - 10:16 PM

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Dr. Arik Soong will lose control of the Augments in the third and final episode of Brent Spiner's (Data) three-episode appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise.

After raiding Cold Station 12 in the previous episode (story), Soong and his Augments flee on a Klingon Bird of Prey. Soong is concerned because Smike, the "defective" Augment who lacked superhuman abilities, was killed in the skirmish at CS-12. Malik says he got caught in the crossfire between Archer's people and the Augments. But Soong has misgivings--he's not sure he can believe what Malik says.

Soong later discovers he has more reason to be concerned about his Augments. He becomes enraged at Malik when he kills a human, but Malik insists it was the only way to get the Enterprise off their tale. Soong realizes he's seeing the same sort of arrogance that led to the Eugenics Wars: the Augments have come to believe they're better than humans and have begun to underestimate them.

Realizing the Augments are no longer under his control, Soong flees the Bird of Prey in an escape pod. He's not free for long: the Enterprise captures him. But they have bigger problems on their hands than Soong, for the Augments have a biogenic warhead that they have every intention of using...

Please note that these plot details have not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures or UPN and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour from an unofficial source. The information comes from an early draft of the script and aspects of the episode may change before it goes to air.

The sixth episode of Enterprise will likely go into production in eary September.

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