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'SFX' Summarizes 'Storm Front'

By Michelle
August 27, 2004 - 9:29 PM

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A British magazine has provided a detailed synopsis of "Storm Front", the two-part episode that opens the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Great Link published a transcript from SFX issue #122 of the events of the season opener, which picks up where last season's cliffhanger ended, with Archer presumed dead after the destruction of the Xindi weapon and aliens working with Nazis on Earth of an earlier era.

The Nazis, explained SFX, are working with the aliens Vosk (seen at the end of "Zero Hour") and Gharth, while Archer, who is rescued from the convoy where he was being held, hides in the home of an African-American woman in a temporally-altered Brooklyn. While he learns about how the Nazis occupied the United States, the Enterprise crew finds Daniels near death after sending the NX-01 to 1944 because the Temporal Cold War has changed Earth's history. Moreover, Silik is discovered hiding on Enterprise. Though Archer and the woman who hid him, Alicia, are rescued by Enterprise, a dying Daniels warns him that the alien Vosk must be stopped to restore the timeline.

Tucker and Mayweather are captured while pursuing Silik and brought to Vosk for questioning. Soon after Hitler arrives in New York, Vosk makes plans to leave, but he needs technology from Enterprise and attempts to convince Archer that his side, not Daniels', is actually attempting to restore the correct timeline. The crew discovers Silik masquerading as Tucker and learn that he has stolen data about Vosk; when Archer refuses to let Vosk contact Silik directly, Vosk attacks Enterprise. In the climactic battle, the real Tucker is rescued, Silik is killed, the Allies attack the Nazis, Vosk is destroyed and Archer finds Daniels alive and well in his own timeline.

The above summary should be treated as unofficial and subject to change until "Storm Front" airs on October 8th. This summary is available here and here at The Great Link. SFX issue #122 is available on newsstands in the UK.

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