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First Plot Information For 'The Seventh' Revealed

By Lisa
August 27, 2002 - 4:18 AM

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A mission connected to her past from the Vulcan High Command will cause problems for T'Pol and the crew of the NX-01 in an upcoming episode of Enterprise.

Sources today revealed the first plot details of 'The Seventh', appropriately the seventh episode of the show's second season to enter production.

Please keep in mind that the following synopsis is based on an early version of the script, and aspects of the story may still change before shooting begins.

The episode opens with T'Pol in bed in her quarters aboard the Enterprise. She is disturbed from her reading by an incoming communication - and it's an important one from Vulcan High Command. A Vulcan from the Ministry of Security informs her that an individual named 'Menos' has been located. T'Pol is visibly shaken by this news, and is disturbed even further when she is informed he is only three days from her current location.

Later in the episode finds T'Pol, Archer and Mayweather decked out in full all-weather gear on an arctic climate world. The three split up to find their quarry in a packed alien outpost, a task made difficult by the heavy clothing the inhabitants of the planet wear. T'Pol spies her target, who unfortunately sees her at the same time. He bolts, while T'Pol is jostled in the crowd and prevented from following.

Archer leaps onto a table and lets out a shrill whistle to alert Mayweather that Menos is on the move. Unfortunately, a fight breaks out in the outpost, and the officers also have to dodge weapons fire as they search for their target. As T'Pol and Archer struggle to find Menos before he affects his escape, Mayweather calmly apprehends him.

The officers escort their prisoner to the dock, hoping to return to their ship quickly. However, the dock master informs them that the deck is being resurfaced, and that no travel will be possible for at least four hours.

While Archer and Mayweather guard Menos at the outpost, T'Pol goes off on her own to investigate his ship. She enters the cargo hold, to find case after case of injector casings. She has a flashback to an earlier period in time as she searches. We see Menos and another man, Jossen, running through a Jungle. Jossen falls and Menos cries out as the flashback changes to show T'Pol having some kind of violent fit. In the present, T'Pol slumps to the cargo hold in frustration.

Some time later, she makes her way back to her crew mates at the outpost. She is still badly shaken, but requests to speak to the prisoner alone. She questions him about the identity of 'Jossen' she saw in the flashback, but he is confused. She pulls her phase pistol on him. At this, Menos explains that Jossen and he didn't want to be rehabilitated, and that T'Pol was sent to bring them back. He says that the security ministry falsified charges against them.

T'Pol refuses to believe him, and becomes increasingly agitated. She remembers tracking Menos - and him alone - but her own memories don't explain why she now remembers Jossen. Menos asks why she wants him to tell her things she already knows.

T'Pol sees another flashback, and this time realises that Jossen died from a weapons blast - from her own weapon. She also recalls being held in a monastery while she writhed in a fit of emotion. In the present, Menos comments that as a Vulcan, she is trained to repress her emotions, but repressing a memory like this should be impossible. Distressed, T'Pol demands that he be quiet, but he protests as the scene ends....

No official information has yet been released about the episode, and no details are known about the guest cast or creative staff behind it. Please remember that this information is subject to change and should be treated as rumour until official confirmation has been made.

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