Stewart Bullets

By Christian
August 27, 2000 - 10:50 PM

Patrick Stewart - the Actors' Actor has been updated with several news items on Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), the TNG star who of course also got married this weekend. Take a look:

  • Channel 4 in the UK will be premiering Stewart's 'A Christmas Carol' as their flagship prgram this Christmas. The film was originally created as an original production for the American TNT last year.

  • Stewart will probably be playing Lear in his own film production 'Boss Lear', a version of the Shakespeare tragedy set in Texas in the 1870s. Originally the part was going to be played by Gregory Peck, but he recently had to pull out of the project. 'Boss Lear' is being produced by the same set of companies responsible for 'A Christmas Carol', including Stewart's own Flying Freehold and TNT television, where the film will also be airing.

  • Both news items above originally appeared in an interview with Stewart that originally appeared in the Sunday Herald, in which he talks about most of his career on stage, in movies and on television.

  • The UK premiere of Stewart's new film 'The X-Men' took in £4.8 million ($7.1 million) in its opening weekend, making it the biggest British opening this year.

  • Rumours about Stewart playing the bad guy in the new Bond film are untrue as far as Stewart is aware, while the rumour that he would be appearing in the upcoming Harry Potter film is "no longer true".

  • In 2001, Stewart plans to return to Britain for a major theatre role, in order to re-establish himself in his home country.

  • And these two news bits came from an interview in the Sunday Times, in which Stewart also talks about his political views. Delivering another crushing blow to the Republicans' chances for winning over the crucial Trek vote, Stewart revealed he is also a Gore supporter.

  • And finally, the BBC have made a documentary about Stewart, which is scheduled to air sometime in November in their 'Best of British' series.
Thanks go out for all these items to Patrick Stewart - The Actor's Actor!

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