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An archive of Star Trek News

Star Trek News Bullets

By T'Bonz
July 27, 2008 - 6:59 PM

  • Working on Star Trek XI is like being on an classic Hollywood movie, says Anton Yelchin, as reported by Sci Fi Pulse. "'s weird being on a set where a lot of the actors, myself included, have no idea what a turbine engine is that is about to explode is, you know what I mean? You know where you're looking at a green screen that is supposed to be a battlefield but nothing going on, you know. It's fun. It really puts you into the sort of idea that youíre on a big you on the classic idea of a Hollywood movie, which have never had to opportunity to do. It's fun. Itís very different. It's interesting..."

  • As seen on Cryptic Studios, the countdown clock on their site expires at midnight tonight, Pacific time. Speculation that the countdown is regarding the Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), that was rumored to be in production by Cryptic, would seem to be confirmed by a hiring ad as reported by The ad mentions Star Trek Online in its description of MMOGs in development.

  • Rumors of two scenes allegedly from Star Trek XI as reported yesterday at the various Star Trek news sites have been denied according to sources who spoke with "According to two trusted sources, the described scene is not in Star Trek. As noted above, this description was not posted by Knowles [of Ain't It Cool News], who has been to see footage at Paramount (something confirmed by the same sources)."

  • During a panel at Comic-Con, as reported by, J.J. Abrams explained why there was no Star Trek panel nor new footage to share with the fans. "I am dying to show you this movie," he said. "I love this movie. The actors are so good. The script is amazing, that Alex and Bob wrote. It's one of these things, despite the effects not working [meaning the special effects aren't in the film cut yet], you know, the original show was not about the effects, it was about the relationships, the dynamics with the characters.

    [The actors] are walking around and there is nothing on the viewscreen, or they are walking around and there is a big thing of green right there, but it is working because the actors are so good. I am dying to show you and I am sorry the strategy of Paramount not being here precludes us from not being able to present to you something that if I were you guys, and I feel like I am, I would really want to see."

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