Star Trek Lives At Comic-Con

By Michelle
July 27, 2006 - 3:49 PM

"Contrary to some people’s opinions, Star Trek isn't dead," announced CBS Products executive Paula Block at a Comic-Con International panel on the franchise's upcoming 40th anniversary, noting a number of events and products to celebrate the original series' milestone.

As noted by Video Business, Paramount Home Entertainment has sanctioned an October Christie's auction of costumes and props, scheduled a release date for Star Trek: The Animated Series this November and licensed three videogames: Star Trek: Legacy. Star Trek: Battlestation and Star Trek: Tactical Assault for various platforms.

In addition, the first official Star Trek manga will be published by Tokyopop this September, and the artist said he was concerned about meeting fan expectations. "Those fans will kill you," said Luis Reyes, though he identified himself as a fan and said he hoped that traditionalists would appreciate Shinshei Shinshei, the Trek manga.

Block said that she had overseen the project and suggested changes based on what fans would want to see. In one panel, for instance, she insisted that Captain Kirk should not be sweating: "It’s OK with Scotty, but Kirk wouldn’t have freaked out like that."

DVD was a big topic of discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego last week, reported Susanne Ault, who quoted Sneak session panelist and Star Trek novelist Andy Mangels as saying, “You make sure hard-core fans are served first, and the rest will follow."

The Digital Bits reported on DVD rumours as well, as Bill Hunt noted that he had learned Paramount was planning to release The Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection in high-definition on HD-DVD. In addition, he wrote, "the studio is quietly remastering all 79 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series for eventual high-def disc release as well" and already has "sparkling high-def masters of all 4 seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise to release."

Of course, the biggest Star Trek news out of Comic-Con was the release of the poster advertising Star Trek XI, the feature film scheduled for release in 2008. Then, Star Trek will not only live but may be reinvented.

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