Decipher Expands CCG With 'Enterprise' Crew

By Michelle
July 27, 2005 - 4:59 PM

Decipher's To Boldly Go expansion set brings Star Trek: Enterprise characters to the universe of their Star Trek collectible card game.

The newest expansion for the second edition of the CCG, which will be released in September, introduces Archer, Tucker, T'Pol, Phlox and the other Enterprise characters as well as their ship, the NX-01, to the gaming universe, according to Decipher. Starfleet will become a full affiliation, while the other affiliations will receive new strategy cards with affiliation-specific dilemmas. Runabouts and the NX-01 will help players avoid getting stranded during missions.

In addition to the Enterprise crew, new personnel will include genetically enhanced characters and many younger figures such as Starfleet Academy's Nova Squadron and the Borg Children. Characters from Dax and Worf's wedding will be introduced as well.

A new keyword, Replicate, will enable players to use more than one copy of the same card in a turn, and Dabo can be played as a side game during regular play. The 120-card set includes 40 rare, 40 uncommon and 40 common cards; two foil subsets include 18 new "Archive" and two new "Archive Portrait" cards.

Decipher has a web page to explain how to play the Star Trek CCG which offers both sample and demo decks in the form of PDF files that can be printed out. The full-colour sample decks enable players familiar with other CCGs to try out the strategic options of the Star Trek game, while the demo deck is a more basic introduction for people unfamiliar with CCGs.

More information is available at Decipher Inc.

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