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'Enterprise' Bible Reveals Crew Details

By Christian
July 27, 2001 - 6:25 PM

Part of the Enterprise 'bible' appeared online today, revealing major new background details of the show's seven primary crewmembers and principal starship.

TrekWeb posted a report on part of the Enterprise bible, the guide prepared by the Enterprise creators for the show's writers. The information included in television bibles often covers areas such as characters, concepts and possible future stories, and is all writers need to start writing episodes. While bibles are often revised as a series progresses and character traits are added in new episodes, most of the information included in the original bible will eventually make it into the actual show.

Below is a summary of the new information included in the report:

  • Jonathan Archer - The Enterprise's Captain has followed the construction of his ship since the very beginning, and he plays an important role in convincing Starfleet to launch the ship, despite opposition from the Vulcans. As Captain of the first ship to go out at Warp 5, he knows that his Captain's Logs will be of great use for those who follow him, and so he strives to make them as detailed as possible.

  • T'Pol - Though T'Pol starts out unhappy with a position aboard a ship filled with humans, as time passes she'll begin to envy them and become interest in their food, behaviour and even mating rituals. Two crewmembers she will grow to respect include Captain Archer, who she sees as a man able to rise above the base instincts of humans, and Dr. Phlox, who shares her position as an outsider and a student of humanity.

  • Charlie Tucker - The Enterprise's Chief Engineer was involved with technology for all his life, starting when he worked on an ocean reclamation project in the Floriday Keys when he was young. He later ended up building starships at the early Utopia Planitia shipyars, where he built quite the reputation for himself.

  • Phlox - Upon arrival at the Enterprise, the Doctor quickly makes himself at home, changing sickbay to his own alien version. He comes from a species that reproduces asexually, and, like T'Pol, is fascinated by human behaviour. For T'Pol, he also creates a "nasal numbing agent" so she isn't bothered as much by the smell of humans when they're excited.

  • Malcolm Reed - Like Tucker, Reed seems to be a master of technology - weapon's technology. He spends his free time perfecting a new type of torpedo, and the bible noted that in the future he may also invent phaser banks. This also often places him at odds with Tucker, as Reed's demands for more space for his weapons would mean cannibalising the Engineering department.

  • Travis Mayweather - The ship's helsman was born at a point in space somewhere between Alpha Centauri and Arcturis Prime, during a two-year cargo run of his parents. He has logged more space hours than any of his crewmembers and has been on dozens of planets - even maintaining a relationship with a Terrelian girl for a while. In his own quarters, he prefers a zero-G environment.

  • Hoshi Sato - The Enterprise's linguist will develop a "somewhat sparring relationship" with T'Pol, though eventually the two will also bond, almost considering each other sisters.

  • Enterprise - The 190-meter long ship carries a crew compliment of 87. It features much of the technology seen in later ships, though in much more rudimentary versions. Shuttlepods can hold seven passengers, including the pilot, but can only travel at sub-warp speeds. A form of replicator is present, but this "protein re-sequencer" is only able to produce simple foodstuffs such as pasta or drinks - other meals are served in the Mess Hall or the Captain's Mess. Finally, long-range communications are only possible at warp speeds, meaning there won't be many communications with Starfleet.

The original report can be found here at TrekWeb. As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released little official information on the Enterprise premise yet, and until it does all information from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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