New 'Drive' Spoiler

By Christian
July 27, 2000 - 1:08 AM

Faith, one of TrekToday's first sources, who provided us with script reviews of the final three episodes of Deep Space Nine well over a year ago, just checked in with a rather surprising news item regarding the third episode of Voyager's final season, 'Drive'.

Recent reports already mentioned that 'Drive' would be dealing with Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres taking part in a starship race in the Delta Flyer, while Kenneth Biller recently stated that the Paris/Torres relationship was one of the story arcs that would get specific attention this season.

According to Faith, 'Drive' will actually feature what might be the most important development in their relationship yet, as the two will be getting married! No further details on this plot development are yet known, but undoubtedly more will surface as the episode comes nearer.

Thanks go out to Faith for sending this in! As always, please treat this as you would any other rumour - none of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount yet.

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