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Visitor Recalls Piller, 'Deep Space Nine' Fondly

By Michelle
June 27, 2007 - 9:39 PM

Nana Visitor spends as little time as possible on the internet and never looks at sites devoted to herself or her Deep Space Nine character, Major Kira, but she said she has "deep feelings" for Star Trek and is looking forward to its revival.

In an interview with Associated Content, Visitor reflected on her Broadway legacy - the daughter of a dancer and choreographer and the niece of Cyd Charrise, she studied dance since early childhood and appeared in several television roles before Star Trek.

"We need story telling," explained Visitor, who said of Star Trek, "I feel that it's able to present archetypes that are important story telling tools...anything that perpetuates the franchise is a great thing." Because of the massive sets, "When you entered the stage, you entered the world. And after 17 hours of being inside there, it was easy to convince yourself that the star fields outside the port windows were real."

Asked whether it was true that Rick Berman was not a hands-on producer with Deep Space Nine, Visitor replied diplomatically, "Michael Piller and Ira Steven Behr were my guiding lights in the show. And I adored and I will always adore them both." She

Visitor went on to work on Piller's Wildfire, whose success did not entirely surprise her: "I have to say, I had a certain certainty that it would [get picked up] all along." When it comes to future roles, however, regardless of whose names are attached, "I don't care so much about what the project is...characters interest me more. So, I want to play interesting characters. That's what I look forward to."

Her upcoming film Babysitter Wanted, which is about a small town college girl menaced on a rural farm, does not have a release date yet. "There is a buzz about it. But I didn't get to see the bulk being filmed. So, I don't have an idea except they were great people and it was a great experience," she said. Some of her most vivid memories by contrast are from when she was much younger, such as "watching Natalie Wood rehearsing the strip number in Gypsy and watching her boyfriend at the time, Warren Beatty, eating a sandwich while he watched her rehearse."

The full interview is here.

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