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First Details On 'Shockwave II'

By Lisa
June 27, 2002 - 9:07 PM

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The first details about the Enterprise episode 'Shockwave, Part Two' are now available.

Deatils revealed by a source today show that Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise are not in for an easy ride in the opening episode of season two. A synopsis of several scenes now follows.

On the NX-01 bridge, the crew has been taken prisoner by invading Suliban. Silik threatens Hoshi by putting a disrupter to her head and forces her to admit that the crew did not have time to copy the stolen Suliban disks. Silik calmly tells T'Pol that if Captain Archer is discovered on board, the crew will be punished for its lies.

Just then, a Suliban Commander, reports with evidence of temporal readings discovered in the Enterprise turbolift. Silik muses that perhaps the crew haven't been lying to him after all - Archer is not aboard. He orders Trip to shut down all com systems and computer terminals not in Engineering or the Bridge.

Meanwhile Captain Archer is pressing Crewman Daniels for answers. Daniels says that he doesn't have answers to give him. He says that Archer was brought forward in time to protect the time line, but instead seem to have damaged it instead. Ragged-looking humans clutter pathetically around campfires, and ruined buildings adorn the apocalyptic landscape.

Daniels stops in surprise when he realises that a monument to a Federation that doesn't yet exist in Archer's time. He presses a woman at a campfire for information about when it was destroyed, but she appears confused. She affirms that there was never a monument there. Archer presses for more information on this federation, but Daniels remains silent.

Archer suggests that they look for a library Daniels mentioned earlier for information on what happened. Daniels protests that the library, which stores its data electronically, wouldn't be much use without power. So Archer asks the human woman if they have a power supply, but she doesn't even appear to know what 'electricity' means. When questioned about the destruction, she tells the men that things have always been this way.

The two men find the library, but populated with books rather than electronic data devices. After studying the information, Archer complains that he hasn't found a single reference to the Federation. Daniels tells him that he isn't surprised - the reason the Federation doesn't exist is because Archer wasn't there.

Things aren't going well for Silik too, whose efforts to contact his source from the future are proving fruitless. He affirms that if Archer went through the temporal rift, he needs new instructions about how to proceed. His commander pressures him to tow the Enterprise away and destroy it. But Silik has another idea. He orders that a surgeon should prepare and that T'Pol should be brought to him.

Another scene opens with Reed pacing in his quarters anxiously. He is startled as his doors open slowly, to reveal Hoshi, naked from the waist upwards, her hands crossed across her chest. She tells him not to say what he was thinking, but to just hurry up and get her a shirt. Reed complies.

The action then moves to a corridor, where two patrolling Suliban guards come across T'Pol. She is sitting on the floor, mumbling incoherently. The Suliban question her, and threaten her when she refuses to respond. Just as they are about to start shooting, Trip and Reed jump down from panels in the roof and inject the Suliban with hyposprays. T'Pol helps them drag the unconscious aliens to Reed's quarters. There T'Pol berates Trip and Reed for their rather late entrance. Trip questions Reed about whether he is sure he wants to pursue their dangerous plan. When Reed confirms, Trip tells him that he has thirty minutes....

Please note that the information above comes from extracts of an early draft of the script, and will be subject to change before the episode goes before the cameras. Until the details are confirmated by Paramount, they should be treated as you would any rumour.

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