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Trek X Web Site Launches

By Caillan
June 27, 2002 - 3:48 PM

'Nemesis web site' - copyright Paramount PicturesParamount Pictures yesterday launched the official web site of 'Star Trek: Nemesis' in conjunction with the Internet premiere of the film's trailer.

Located at, the Flash web site features an official synopsis of the film, as well as five sections based around key locations seen in the movie.

'Nemesis web site' - copyright Paramount Pictures Clicking on the planet Romulus transports surfers to the homeworld of the crafty Romulan race, which contains briefings on their history, weaponry, and an IPIX view of the senate house. Images of Romulan commander Donatra and an older male official are featured prominently in this section.

Over on Remus, there are sections devoted to their history, culture and weaponary, providing a background to this previously unseen Trek race. Yet to be opened is 'Enter The Reman Mines,' which appears to be some sort of game in which visitors are sent on missions into the mine to gather information.

'Nemesis web site' - copyright Paramount Pictures By travelling to Kolarus III surfers can see the first images of the Kolarins, another new Trek race. They are a pre-warp culture living on a Class-H planet entering early stages of industrial development. Kolarins can be seen chasing the Argo Jeep in the 'Nemesis' trailer.

The Enterprise section features biographies of all seven main Next Generation cast members, as well as new photographs and Enterprise-E specifications. The final part of the web site, 'The Rift,' is not yet open, but will allow visitors to register for the 'Nemesis' online community containing official information on the film.

To check out the 'Nemesis' site, head over to The web site is currently only available in Flash mode, with a non-Flash version coming soon.

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