Crosby Keen To Go Back To X-Files

By Lisa
June 27, 2001 - 10:30 PM

Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) attracted attention this year with her new role on the X-Files. The actress hopes the ending of season eight will set up a great opportunity for her character to return.

"She could align herself with Scully and protect the baby," she told SciFi Wire. "But for all I know, she could be an alien who tries to bring in the second coming. So I don't know what will happen. The show is so out there. But I'm sure Chris [Carter] will think of something."

Crosby played Dr. Mary Speake, the doctor who oversaw Dana Scully's pregnancy. She made appearances in two episodes last season, 'Empedocles' and 'Essence.' The latter was part one of the two-part story that ended season 8 and lead to the birth of Agent Scully's child.

The actress didn't know much about the role before she got in front of the cameras. "Chris Carter doesn't reveal very much. When I was coming onto the show, I don't think they'd even quite had it worked out who the baby was, what it was, how it was going to be born," she explained. "Chris was writing it in secret and wasn't very available. I just know that I was Scully's doctor, and I was taking care of her. Speake is an obstetrician."

As well as her role on The X-Files the actress had a part in NYPD Blue as Lieutenant Susan Falto. She was also seen as Officer Hayes in an episode of The Drew Carey Show. Crosby's involvement with Star Trek doesn't only stem from her role as Lieutenant Yar on Next Generation. She presented and co-produced the 1997 film Trekkies, to which Crosby is considering making a sequel.

You can read more from Crosby in the original article here at the Sci Fi Wire.

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