Michael Taylor Joins 'Dead Zone' Team

By Caillan
April 27, 2002 - 5:55 PM

Former Star Trek: Voyager executive story editor Michael Taylor has joined the writing staff of Michael Piller's new series The Dead Zone.

Taylor won the role of co-producer on the paranormal show after penning the script 'Unreasonable Doubt,' Piller wrote in his latest update at TheDeadZone.net. "It's not that I'm biased in favor of Trek writers - Michael earned his way onto this staff with his terrific work on this script."

Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, The Dead Zone tells the story of Johnny Smith, who wakes up with psychic powers after a six-year coma. The premise allowed Taylor to introduce a unique twist into 'Unreasonable Doubt.'

"Rob Lieberman is directing this ambitious story of law and order 'dead zone' style," Piller said. "Johnny joins a jury and his powers seem to indicate a different verdict than the overwhelming evidence to the contrary."

Headed by executive producer Piller, The Dead Zone writing staff also includes his son Shawn Piller, former Voyager co-executive producer Joe Menosky and newcomer David Benz. The producer is enormously proud of what he and his team have accomplished so far. "These first several shows are some of the best hours of television I've ever been associated with," he said. "No joke."

Taylor's Star Trek credits include the Hugo-nominated Deep Space Nine episode 'The Visitor,' 'Things Past' and 'In The Pale Moonlight.' He later joined the Voyager writing staff, penning episodes such as 'Counterpoint,' 'Someone To Watch Over Me,' and 'One Small Step.'

The full update from Piller, in which he also talks about the episodes 'Enigma' and 'The House,' can be found here at TheDeadZone.net.

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