'Natural Law' & 'Homestead' Photos

By Christian
April 27, 2001 - 10:35 PM

'Natural Law' - image copyright Paramount Pictures Now that 'Friendship One' has aired, Paramount has moved on to promote next week's episode, 'Natural Law.' After the video trailer for the episode was already released on Wednesday, more images and official background information on the episode have now also appeared online.

Over at the Official Star Trek Site, the 'Next On Voyager' page has been updated to include six new photos as well as an official synopsis of the episode. The photo included above shows Chakotay and Seven of Nine, stranded in an alien jungle, while next to the below synopsis you can see the first photo of Tom Paris' flight instructor, Kleg:

'Natural Law' - image copyright Paramount Pictures Chakotay and Seven of Nine are stranded amongst a primitive people when their shuttle encounters an energy barrier that prevents Captain Janeway and the U.S.S. Voyager from locating them. The only solution they can attempt would violate the Prime Directive and pollute the native culture. Meanwhile, Tom Paris takes a wrong turn that could cost him valuable time.

More photos from 'Natural Law,' which will air on the 2nd of May, can be found here at the official site.

'Homestead' - image copyright Paramount Pictures Meanwhile, UPN has released two new photos and a synopsis of 'Homestead,' the episode in which Neelix encounters a Talaxian colony. The show was retitled from 'Destiny' to 'Homestead' only a few days ago (story), and indeed the file names of the photos on the UPN site still refer to the episode as 'Destiny.' Take a look at the new synopsis:

'Homestead' - image copyright Paramount Pictures When life signs are detected on a nearby asteroid, Neelix is amazed to find a community of fellow Talaxians struggling to survive against mercenary oppressors who want only to mine the asteroid for minerals. Paralyzed with complacency, it falls to Neelix to instill in them the will to fight for the land they wish to keep.

The original UPN update can be found on this page. 'Homestead' is scheduled to air on the 9th of May.

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