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Yelchin Finds Chekov A 'Funny Little Guy'

By T'Bonz
March 27, 2008 - 10:35 PM

The Russian accent is a snap, according to Anton Yelchin, but beware Chekov's little personal quirks.

As reported by Scifi Pulse, Yelchin had to learn the little mannerisms that Walter Koenig had incorporated into the Chekov character.

The Russian-born Yelchin had no problem with a Russian accent, even though he didn't have one himself. "I never had an accent," he explained. "The point at which I had the biggest accent was when I was two or three, when I was learning to speak English. I obviously will have an accent. Chekov without an accent makes no sense. I know the Russian accent so well because I have so many family members and family friends who speak with one."

Yelchin is paying close attention to some of the mannerisms that Koenig brought to the role. "...There are also certain things that Walter Koenig does specifically," he said. "like his version of it, that I have been picking up and studying to incorporate, because I think they're really important. It really is Chekov. It's not just some Russian guy. Itís Chekov. Specifically the word 'very'. He says 'wery'. Itís a W instead of a V. And the way he says 'keptin'. All these things, I think, are important to take note of and use."

Chekov is an odd, but funny character, according to Yelchin. "My personal opinion of Chekov in the original series is he's just a really funny little guy, and that's what weíre going to do. I watched my favorite Star Trek episode yesterday, 'The Apple'. The whole episode, everyone is doing something that is relevant to their mission, and he's just out there with his girlfriend. He's supposed to be this brilliant navigator and it's in combination with this wonderful sense of humor and weirdness. In 'The Apple' he starts talking about the Garden of Eden being outside of Moscow. Great little things like that I really like about him."

One aspect of being in Star Trek means merchandizing opportunities or convention appearances. The thought of being an action figure hadn't crossed Yelchin's mind before. "That's never happened to me before. I guess I'll just get to that bridge when I cross it, I suppose. It should be interesting. If I end up an action figure, hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I will make the three-year-old Anton that used to play with action figures proud."

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