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Bakula Compares 'Shenandoah' Hero And Captain Archer

By Michelle
March 27, 2006 - 10:03 PM

"They're both bigger-than-life roles," Scott Bakula said of his new gig playing Charlie Anderson in the Civil War drama Shenandoah and his previous one as Enterprise's Captain Jonathan Archer. "Commanding a starship isn't that different from commanding a family of six, running a farm and trying to stand up to Union and Rebel Armies."

While his performance in Shenandoah has been earning positive reviews, Bakula has spoken to several interviewers about what the show means to him and why it remains relevant in the current revival at Ford's Theatre. "I've been in it at least six times, starting in the chorus on a dinner-theater tour, then playing a suitor and a couple of different sons. Now I'm ready to play the father," Bakula told Washington, DC's Where magazine. "Acting in the theater is a little like participating in a sporting event. It's not interesting to play to an empty stadium."

Charlie Anderson is a widower who "has made a decision: He is going to control his world. He decides to stay out of the war, but is finding that he can't control everything," explained the actor, who told Express that his character's arc involves developing "from being a proud, seemingly in-control patriarch to a humbler, gentler man."

It makes sense to Bakula that Star Trek captains come from theatre roots, he noted, because "as the Star Trek world has grown and become its own living, breathing entity, there's a certain majesty about it":

It's become a very theatrical franchise, starting with the original cast. They were chewing scenery left and right. So I think there's a certain need for understanding of language.
Speaking to Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill, Bakula added that "the theater is where I feel most at's where I get the most satisfaction." He thinks that the current incarnation of the show will play better to younger audiences.

The Washington Times published a review of Shenandoah which stated that Bakula "exhibits strong stage presence and an agreeable singing voice." The newspaper found the "war-weary 1975 musical" very timely and added that there "is something chillingly appropriate about performing Shenandoah at Ford's Theatre in Washington."

Shenandoah will continue at the historic theatre where Lincoln was shot through April 30th. Tickets are available at the Ford's Theatre web site. Thanks to Miri and Donna for the articles and links.

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