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Braga Talks Future Plotlines

By Caillan
March 27, 2002 - 12:26 PM

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Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga last weekend teased the audience at the Pasadena Grand Slam convention with tidbits about the direction of the series's major themes.

First up for discussion was the season finale, 'Shockwave,' which Braga said would continue the Temporal Cold War storyline from 'Broken Bow' and 'Cold Front.' "The final episode will deal a lot with that, as will the first episode of next year, and you'll learn a lot more about it," he told fans at the convention (via StarTrek.com).

The producer added Enterprise would start to explore the origins of the Federation in season two. "Over the course of the seasons, we definitely want to get into, how did it all come to be?" he said. "How did this thing called the Federation happen? How did they become part of the intergalactic neighborhood? How did they earn respect? That's all going to be part of the show, for sure. We will be hinting at it early next season."

But don't expect to see the Romulans back on the small screen just yet, as the producers don't want to violate continuity. "I don't think you're going to be seeing the Romulans this season," Braga said. "In the Original Series, it was established that no one had actually seen the Romulans. So, it's tricky, because you want to see them. You don't want to just see a bunch of ships and not know what's going on. But we're thinking about ways we might do it."

Enterprise will continue to feature the Vulcans heavily to show the development of their relationship with humans. "Though they are light-years beyond humanity, they've got their own problems," Braga said. "They're a paradoxical species in that they're incredibly intelligent, but they're also somewhat insulated and provincial in their attitudes toward other species, and somewhat judgmental. We thought that would be good conflict in the show, that T'Pol and Archer could be a microcosm of that conflict and we could see how these two species came to be so close."

Braga was asked if T'Pol would go through pon farr during her time on the NX-01. "We have talked about it," he said. "We want to wait until the time is right — when we really need the ratings!"

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