Gaming Bullets

By Amy
March 27, 2001 - 8:14 PM

  • Space Sim Portal 'A Talent For War' has got the goods on the next project for Taldren - a stand alone addition to 'Star Fleet Command II - Empires at War' entitled 'Orion Pirates'. It's currently set for a summer release this year. For more information, follow this link.

  • TrekWeb's Ken R. Miller has posted a preview of upcoming release, 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander'. He seemed pretty taken with it over all, commenting that 'Bridge Commander certainly seems to have all the right elements to make an excellent Star Trek game, drawing from the best strengths of the company's past efforts while maintaining the right feel."

  • Two new 'Star Trek: Away Team' reviews are out and are considerably more positive than most of the previous ones. First up is John Brandon of Games Domain. While he gives it no formal rating in his review, he says that "'Away Team' could be defined a winner, but with some major caveats" - namely the AI.

  • The second review of the game can be found at Game Doctor, where it was given an overall rating of 84%. The biggest flaw the reviewer found was the introductory movie, which he actually described as "probably the worst 3D character animation I've seen in the last two years."

  • Meanwhile, the War Gamer has posted a belated but very in-depth review of 'Star Fleet Command II: Empires at War." Mark McLaughlin thought that the game is worth buying, but had this to say on the multitude of patches being released:

    Rewarding companies that rush out a product before it is ready makes about as much sense as returning to a restaurant that serves up under-cooked food. Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm in the industry. Anyone who buys a game when it is new (or has a version 1.0 notation on it) has to expect he will need a patch, or two, before being able to play it properly. It is a sad, sorry trade-off that will, and should, come back to haunt the industry (just as "errata" sheets were the nails in the coffin of many board game companies).

  • Decipher, makers of the Star Trek customisable card game, have again updated their rulebook and glossary.

Thanks go out to Blue's News for some of these!

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