News Bullets

By Amy
February 27, 2001 - 4:52 PM

  • Andy Dick, 'NewsRadio' star who appeared in Voyager episode 'Message in a Bottle' as the EMH Mark II, is apparently complying so far with a court-ordered 2-year drug rehabilitation program, according to this report (via the Trekker Newsletter).

  • Australian Voyager fans - while it may have returned to the small screen, the news on the video front isn't too great. While video 7.1 ('Unimatrix Zero, Part 2'/Imperfection') will be out shortly - March 3rd, in fact - the following video (7.2 - 'Drive'/'Repression') won't be out until two months later - May 11th. Thanks go out to Caillan Davenport for sending this in!

  • The official site has posted another 'Sensor Sweep' looking at Trek alumns in the movies and on TV.

  • Also, the official site has undergone a massive update of their character biographies section, apparently adding several hundred new records..

  • Voting for the Deep Space Nine section of this year's ASC awards has begun. For more information, or to find out how to participate, follow this link or visit the alt.startrek.creative newsgroup.

  • Tim Russ's (Tuvok) official site is running two new polls, one asking wether or not you think Voyager should get home, the second asking who, survivor-esque, you would vote off the ship.

  • Also at the actor's site, the results of his most recent charity auction are up.

  • Back to Andy Dick, the now drug-free actor's new self titled show will debut on MTV tonight at 10:30 pm.

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