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An archive of Star Trek News

Andromeda Bullets

By Amy
February 27, 2001 - 1:41 PM

  • Not one but two of the Andromeda cast are set to become first-time parents later this year. Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) and Gordon Michael Woolvett (Seaums Harper) announced within two days of each other that their wives, Sam Sorbo and Michele Morand are pregnant. For the run-down on the Sorbo’s announcement, follow this link, while for the news on the Woolvett/Mordand baby, follow this one.

  • The Trekker Newsletter has an interview with Andromeda staff writer Joe Reinkemeyer

  • Ain’t it Cool news recently posted some spoilers for the season’s final episode. Among them is the news that we’ll be finding out more about the origins of Trance Gemini. A report on them can be found by following this link.

  • Staff writer Ethlie Ann Vare has relaunched her official site.

  • Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr Anasazi) was recently interviewed over at, where he talks about Nietzschean perfection – or their lack of it.

  • Robert Hewitt Wolfe was also recently interviewed, though radio show on Sci-Fi Talk where he revealed some details for upcoming episodes, 'The Devil Take The Hindmost', 'It Makes A Lovely Light' and '...Its Hour Come Round At Last'. To read the report, follow this link.

  • 'Forced Perspective': Reviews by Michael Marek (Cinescape), Michelle Erica Green (Mania) and O.Deus (TrekWeb), screenshots at Lady Maigrey’s and The Andromeda Realm plus a synopsis and some sound files at Lady Maigrey’s

  • 'Mathematics of Tears': A ratings report for the episode can be found at Slipstream Web, while reviews for the episode by SlipstreamDreams and O.Deus (TrekWeb) are online.

  • Music of a Distant Drum': Reviews by Michelle Erica Green (Mania), O.Deus (TrekWeb), Rob Trevino (IGN Sci-Fi), Heather Jarman (SlipstreamWeb) and David E. Sluss - (The Cynic's Corner).

  • 'Harper 2.0': Reviews by Heather Jarman (Slipstreamweb), O.Deus (TrekWeb), Michelle Erica Green (Mania) and Michael Marek (Cinescape)
For more information and news on Gene Roddenberry's 'Andromeda', drop off at our sister site, SlipstreamNews.

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