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Bakula: 'I Love Doing Enterprise'

By Michelle
January 27, 2005 - 9:05 PM

Scott Bakula said that he had no wish to see Star Trek: Enterprise end and thanked the fans for their support, but added the he is looking at possibilities for work in the theatre and elsewhere should the fourth season finale also prove to be the series finale for the show.

"I would be thrilled if the show would be picked up for another year. And I'm not tired of it, I love doing it," he told an interviewer at, stating that he was particularly proud of the fourth season episodes: "Everyone needs to know how hard we are working to make good shows and how in this season especially, they've really made a big attempt to say thanks to the fans and that's why a lot of the stories have had tie-in's with the original series." Bakula also firmly denounced rumours that he had wished to leave should the show be renewed for a fifth season, saying, "That was a totally erroneous statement and thereís no truth to that at all. I canít be anymore strongly in terms of my denial of that."

"I love the cast and crew, I love what weíve done this season. So it remains a terrific experience for me and Iím sorry those things get out and sorry people tend to want to believe those negative things as apposed to positive things," he added, noting that he appreciated the fact that Archer has continued to grow and change as the series has moved on. "I love that they keep...making him work through some of his old demons and prejudices and things that heís carried his whole life," he stated, adding that he thinks T'Pol's character has matured a great deal as well and that he expects to see a greater awareness and caring between them.

Bakula noted that one of the biggest challenges facing Enterprise has been UPN's attempts to redefine itself as a network and to define its core audience, which affects both programming and advertising dollars. "They have a lot of people that spend a lot of time and energy looking at the Nielsen's ratings," he said, observing that ratings can be presented in a variety of different ways for positive and negative purposes. "Obviously there is a large fan base around the has not been just a smooth sailing environment."

If Enterprise did not return, the actor said he would not want to dive into another show right away. "I would kind of want to take the time off and reassess...I am looking at things in the theatre to do and kind of get away from TV for a while." However, he said, he was not ready to give up on the show yet, and his emphasis is still on Star Trek. Bakula also noted that he was interested in NASA's space program, though he is very opposed to weapons in space and worried that further space exploration could be used as an excuse for conflict rather than the cooperation he hopes to see among nations.

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