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Siddig: 'My Star Trek Time Is Over'

By Michelle
November 26, 2003 - 8:07 PM

"My Star Trek time is over - unless they come up with something irresistable," Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir) announced in a chat with fans earlier this week. "It gets a little same-y after awhile."

Speaking on his official web site, Sid City, Siddig said that executive producer Rick Berman had sought him out for an appearance on Enterprise a few months ago, "but I couldn't be found."

The actor also said that he would not be interested in adding to his directing credits with Enterprise. "I would like to see them dare to hire some new designers and a new crew for a whole different approach," he stated.

He added that he was in no particular hurry to return to American television. "I don't really enjoy working in the US at the moment," he noted. "I love the US, but the quality of the stuff I get to see is low...UK is better for me right now."

Over the holidays, Siddig said that he hoped to visit his son Django, whose mother is former DS9 co-star Nana Visitor (Kira).

"Time has flown," he said of the seven-year-old's development, stating that he did not think Django was interested in acting, but that if Django decided to pursue it as a career, he would advise his son to "make a living first."

Siddig called himself lucky to be known as a Star Trek actor, saying that he felt fortunate to have "landed on my feet at 24. Gives me a chance to stop and breathe."

Though he did not want to reveal details of his upcoming project, still being confirmed, Siddig did reveal that he would have facial hair for the role: "The guy I'm playing has an Uber beard."

To read more, including Sid's opinions on math grades and Game Boys, see the chat transcript here.

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