Early Review Calls 'Carpenter Street' Routine

By Michelle
November 26, 2003 - 7:42 PM

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An early review of tonight's episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Carpenter Street", said fans are likely to respond to the episode "with a collective shrug."

Hercules of Ain't It Cool News notes that "A rare time-hopping mission...might have presented an opportunity to further our understanding of the Xindiís role in the temporal cold war", but complained that instead, "our big thrill is watching TíPol roughing up some Hummer-era lowlife."

In the episode, Reptilian Xindi travel into the past to create their secret weapon. Time-traveling Crewman Daniels explains to Archer that they are hiding from someone in Archer's era, and "the past seems like a pretty good place to hide."

Though T'Pol professes to have lingering doubts about the viability of time travel, she travels to 2004 with Archer, where they must deal with drive-through fast food and other 21st century conundrums.

"Remember how, toward the end of the 'Deep Space Nine', trips to the 'Mirror Mirror' universe grew almost disconcertingly routine? Thatís pretty much how 'Enterprise' is treating commutes to far-flung eras these days," protested Hercules, who gave the episode two and a half stars.

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