Marina Sirtis Is Ready To Say Goodbye

By Caillan
November 26, 2002 - 4:05 PM

Over fifteen years since she donned the Starfleet uniform for 'Encounter At Farpoint,' Marina Sirtis acknowledged recently that it could finally be time to wave farewell to Counsellor Deanna Troi.

"When were making 'Insurrection', we didn't see it as the last one, but from the moment I read the script of 'Nemesis' I saw it as potentially the last film, it's totally action-packed and completely different to 'Insurrection'," Sirtis told Nick Joy in Starburst (via the Great Link). "As we speak, they are cutting non-action bits out of it to make it leaner. It's going to be very action-driven - probably even more so than 'First Contact'. Emotionally the shoot was quite draining, again because it was potentially the last film. Suddenly everything we did was possibly the last time we were gonna do it."

Sirtis recalled the moment when she realised she might never work with some of her fellow cast members again. "We were shooting the scene where we first meet our bad guy, Tom Hardy. The scene was straight out of panto - very theatrical - with Tom sweeping down this huge staircase; it's an unbelievable, fantastic entrance. The cameras were rolling, and halfway through that day I suddenly realized it was Jonathan's [Frakes] and Michael Dorn's last day. I just lost it; I couldn't help myself. I was really upset about it, whereas they just went 'bye everyone' at the end of the day."

While her appearances in the final two seasons Star Trek: Voyager have kept Sirtis in the counsellor's uniform longer than expected, the prequel nature of Enterprise means it's unlikely there'll be a guest role for the actress. "As with all relationships, I think you have to accept that it's over before you can move on. While you still hold on to that person and think that you might back together, you're never ready to meet someone else. I have to say goodbye, and I'm really glad that I can't be on Enterprise because the decision has been made for me.

"I've kinda got it into my thick head that this is it. It's taken me eight years to realize that it's over, and I've finally accepted that it's now all done. Like I've already said, I'm sure that there will be Star Trek movies with other people, and I wish them all the best. It's hard to let go, but it's time to do so."

The full interview with Sirtis, in which she also talked about the size of her role in 'Nemesis,' can be found in Starburst issue 293. Alternatively, extracts are available here at the Great Link.

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