Robert Duncan McNeill On 'Cold Front'

By Lisa
November 26, 2001 - 1:15 PM

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Fresh from his role as Voyager flyboy Tom Paris, Robert Duncan McNeill took the helm for this week's Enterprise adventure, 'Cold Front'. In a new interview, the actor turned director gave his thoughts about the episode.

"'Cold Front' is the first Suliban episode since the pilot - the Suliban are going to become what the Borg were for Voyager," he told his official fan club, Random Flight.

"Some questions are answered, but it's one of these episodes that doesn't have a real moral at the end, which was interesting for me to direct," he continued. "It's really more of a mystery and a thriller, it certainly has some things visually that we've never seen before in a Star Trek television show. There's going to be some really wonderful visual effects."

McNeill said that he enjoyed his time on the Enterprise set. "It was a lot of fun to direct, and Scott [Bakula] was great to work with. The cast was a lot of fun, but it was really a Scott show, a Captain show, kind of a suspenseful show."

Although 'Cold Front' was McNeill's first Enterprise directing assignment, he previously helmed four episodes of Voyager, including 'Body and Soul' and 'Someone To Watch Over Me'. In addition to his Trek work, the actor has directed an episode of Dawson's Creek and his own short film, '9mm of Love.'

McNeill was recently invited onto the set of The West Wing for a second time to continue observing with a view to becoming a director on the series.

The original interview can be found here at Random Flight. 'Cold Front' airs this Wednesday on UPN.

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