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By Amy
November 26, 2000 - 2:51 PM

  • The new alt.startrek.creative archive site, is now up and running at An addition to hosting the works of fanfction posted at the alt.startrek.creative, alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated and alt.startrek.creative.all-ages newsgroups, the site provide links to fan sites and a chat room.

  • TrekWeb has posted an article looking at the latest in Star Fleet apparel for sale via the Star Trek Communicator, and just in time for Christmas too.

  • Psi Phi has been updated with the UPN schedule for through to the end of November.

  • ID Films has confirmed that the DVD/video release date for Men Cry Bullets, which stars Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), has been moved to December 26th. The DVD will include interviews and material about Ryan.

  • The Official Jeri Lynn Ryan site is reporting that the Holiday 2000 issue of 'In Style Entertaining' features a photo of the actress and Santa, taken during the 1998 Hollywood Christmas Parade. The photo can be found by clicking the above link.

  • has reported that 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' will be released on DVD in Europe with 6 disks to a season, apparently resolving the question of how many episodes per disk – 4. However, the number of episodes varies from season to season (26 for 1 and 3, 22 for season 2), it remains to be see just exactly how the episodes will be arranged.

  • Brace yourselves – still more bad news for UK fans. Voyager Volume V6.13 ('The Haunting of Deck 12'/'Unimatrix Zero Part I') will not be out until Jan 22 2001, instead of late December.

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