More 'Star Trek Online" MMORPG Details

By T'Bonz
October 26, 2008 - 10:25 PM

Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich recently shared some of the details and planning on the upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG.

As reported by, one of the things that fans of Star Trek Online wanted to know was if the Borg would be included in future expansions of the game. "We've thought about it," said Zinkievich. "There are some daunting design problems, one of which would be how to deal with Borg PCs being part of the Collective. That being said, we've had some creative and cool conversations about what it might be like to play as the Borg, so maybe there will be something in the future!"

In many MMOs, players are upgraded with either currency or articles gained through defeating opponents. In Star Trek Online, there will be a different way of enriching oneself. "We're not going to have Federation captains looting corpses for gear," said Zinkievich. "Much of your currency will come either through rewards or trading. You will be able to get new technology from races you meet as you explore, or you can create new items with resources you gather or trade for and information you learn as you complete missions." Zinkievich added that there might be other ways of obtaining currency, such as "discover[ing] technology or a resource in a salvaged ship or on a planet. If you're a Starfleet captain who finds a new Klingon weapon, for example, it would make sense that you might try to adapt the technology for yourself or return it to the Federation for analysis."

Time travel will be part of Star Trek Online. "Not only does time travel play a big part in the Trek Universe, but itís also really cool," said Zinkievich. "We already have content in development that will send players through time." Time travel should include seeing older ship classes. "Many of the ship classes that youíre familiar with will show up in the game," said Zinkievich. "We already talked about time travel, right?"

Combat will include hand-to-hand as well as phasers and other traditional Star Trek weapons. "There will be hand-to-hand combat options for both factions in the game," said Zinkievich. "You've got to be able to use the Vulcan nerve pinch or a lirpa, and Klingons wouldn't be Klingons without bat'leths and d'ktaghs."

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