Billingsley Hopes To Explore Humanity

By Caillan
October 26, 2001 - 10:48 AM

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Many alien Trek characters looking at humans have described mankind as primitive and impulse, and that's something that John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox) hopes to see explored further on Enterprise.

"I think the real challenge is to say that there will always be the primitivistic strain in us," Billingsley told Ian Spelling at Inside Trek. "Those things will live forever. We also have to recognize that it's possible for us to contain our primitive impulses through societal mechanisms. And I hope that 'Enterprise' will begin to address that a little more specifically."

The actor would like the series to deal with how the 'perfect society' seen in future Trek incarnations came about. "I'd like to know, 150 years into the future, how we managed to survive," Billingsley said. "I'd like us to actually consider talking about the past, from the point of view of where 'Star Trek' begins in this new series. I'd like to see a Muslim on the ship and I'd love for us to actually talk about the way world religions have come to be somewhat reconciled with each other."

Through his portrayal of the 'outsider' Doctor Phlox, Billingsley aspires to showcase a particular philosophy. "As humans, we choose our response to whatever happens to us," he says. "That's our power as human beings. And from that, regardless of circumstances, can come extraordinary joy and an extraordinary centeredness. It's what I aspire to in my life, and what I really want to do through this character is express that kind of belief system."

In the article, Spelling also mentioned that an upcoming episode would see a romance for Doctor Phlox, although he didn't mention any further details. This corroborates the recently revealed information that Ensign Cutler would develop romantic feelings for the physician in the episode 'Dear Doctor' (story).

The complete interview with Billingsley can be found here at Inside Trek.

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