Gaming Bullets

By Christian
October 26, 2000 - 10:50 PM

  • Activision recently announced its financial results for their second fiscal quarter of 2000, which ended on the 30th of September. Helped by titles such as 'Voyager: Elite Force', net revenues increased to $144.4 million from $115.4 million, while the company posted a net profit of $4.3 million.

  • Activision and have organised the 'Elite Force' sweepstakes, giving you and three guests the chance to be immortalised in an upcoming Star Trek game.

  • Nine new high-resolution screenshots of 'Bridge Commander' are available at Star Trek: Creative. The shots mostly show the bridge and external shots of some of the ships in the game.

  • Also, a new screenshot of the week is available at the official 'Bridge Commander' site.

  • GA-Strategy posted a feature list and several new screenshots of 'Starfleet Command Volume II'.

  • Several 'Voyager: Elite Force' developers recently updated their .plan files with new information on the game. Project Leader Brian Pelletier wrote about the challenges in implementing Elite Force's teammate AI, programmer John Scott announced a competition dealing with the millionth Message of the Day, and Kenn Hoekstra wrote about the new joystick code in the game.

  • A Linux Dedicated Server version of 'Voyager: Elite Force' is now available for download.

  • Mark Dillon, Video Gamer Guy, has uploaded his review of 'Voyager: Elite Force', awarding it a rating of 85%.
  • The game is also reviewerd on the Electric Playground, where it scored a 9/10.

  • And finally, GamesFirst gave the game a 9/10 in their review.
  • Gerry 'The Main Event' Beaudry at the Game Guy (not to be confused with the aforementioned Video Gamer Guy) has posted his review of 'Star Trek: New Worlds'.

  • Thanks go out to Blue, Kim Koops and Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for some of these items!

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