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By Amy
October 26, 2000 - 2:35 PM

Matthew Klaehn, webmaster of Media Trek Online sent word of new information on upcoming Voyager episode, 'Inside Man', which will appear in Cinescape's Nov/Dec issue. More information can now be added to what was formerly known of the plot (that a holographic recreation of Barclay would arrive via data-stream bearing news of way home for the crew of Voyager – only that the hologram would actually be controlled by Ferengi intent, supposedly, on revenge). As it turns out, much of this is true, only that instead of being bent on revenge, the Ferengi who intercepted the holographic data stream are actually more interested in Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes, believing they can profit from them. A new synopsis can be found below:

Baraclay emerges as a hologram from the latest data stream from Starfleet Command bearing news of a possible way to get home through the use of a "geodesic fold", a technique Federation scientists have discovered that allows them to puncture a hole in the magnetic fields surrounding red giant stars in both the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, creating a shortcut through space for Voyager and her crew. However, while the crew goes ahead and modifies Voyager to make the trip safely, the Doctor, who has previously met Barclay (Lifeline) notices differences in the hologram's behavior and tried to convince Captain Janeway to deactivate the holo-Barclay, unaware that the real Barclay has discovered that the program was intercepted and altered by a trio of Ferengi.

The episode will reportedly see Voyager make no real progress home. Again, major thanks go out to Matthew Klaehn for this!

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