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By Christian
September 26, 2000 - 9:16 PM

Hello World!

Is there a specific law that states that construction workers shall do everything in their power to only work at the exact times when nobody else in the world wants them to? For the past two weeks now, every morning at exactly 6:30am I'm abruptly awoken by trucks and other machinery arriving here starting to work on moving huge piles of sand from one end of the street to the other end, and then back again.

Or rather, to different ends of what used to be the street, as the purpose of all this is supposedly to replace the pavement, except that they've only removed all the old bricks and haven't even begun yet laying in new ones. Unfortunately the construction workers seem to believe that the best way to go about giving me a new street is by spending a mere two hours per day on the aforementioned sand-shifting, as by the time I get out of the house again they're usually nowhere to be seen anymore.

Things aren't helped by the fact that the traditional Dutch summer weather has also started again, so the street is now slowly being transformed in a really large pool of mud. I'm already beginning to fear the worst-case scenario of the construction workers deciding there is too much mud for their trucks to get through, which with my luck really isn't out of the question.

At least I have a window facing the street. I can already imagine all the fun I'll be having three months from now when it starts freezing and I can watch the people on the other side trying to cross the street.

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Happy Birthday!

And, quite literally, a belated happy birth-day to Sofia Rose Biller, who on the 29th of August came into the world as the first child of Voyager Executive Producer Kenneth Biller and his wife Hope, according to Congratulations go out to them, of course!

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