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Quinto On Dealing With Secrecy And High-Profile Films

By T'Bonz
August 26, 2008 - 2:41 AM

After his work on Heroes and now Star Trek XI, not spilling the beans is becoming second-nature for Zachary Quinto.

As reported by CreationTV, Quinto is even able to joke with those interviewing him when asked if it was different to be in a movie that is so hyped and one where any information is prized and eagerly sought. ""The whole thing is sort of under this big shroud of secrecy," said Quinto, referring to Star Trek XI. "I'm used to it now though because 'Heroes' is the same way. You know it's so funny because actually in the movie, in the climax of the movie when Spock actually... oh! No I don't ever find myself...I've gotten really good at being evasive, cagey and evasive."

Working on Star Trek XI has been exciting due to the efforts of J.J. Abrams. "It was a really rewarding experience," explained Quinto. "You know, challenging and exciting, and every day was something new and the scale of it was pretty epic. So we had a really good time. J.J. managed to keep it like all about what we had right in front of us every day. Even though we were in the midst of something sort of huge and life-changing and hopefully really impactful, it felt like we knew what we had to go to do everyday at work so that was cool."

Quinto is also getting used to Star Trek conventions and approves of them. "It's great that there's an outlet and that there's a support system, like a structure in place" he said, "that gives people that are so enthusiastic about these projects a place to go and channel their energy and show enthusiasm." " someone who has been a part of 'Heroes' now and now 'Star Trek,' I feel that it's really cool and people have been incredibly warm and supportive and encouraging and enthusiastic about everything so I feel like as long as that is the case, I'm happy to be around."

Although Quinto was careful not to reveal secrets, including whether he walked away with a pair of pointed ears or not, he did offer this to fans eager for any tidbits. "When you see this movie, you'll understand that this story happens sort of irrespective of where the Spock that we've come to know ends up, if that makes sense."

To listen to and to see the short video, head to the site located here.

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