Tim Russ Sister & Voyager Pitcher Interviews

By Christian
August 27, 2000 - 12:03 AM

Over at TrekNews.com, Jane Hamilton has put up an interview with Angela Russ-Ayon, the sister of Voyager star Tim. Here's one of the questions from the interview:

Question: You run Tim's fan club and maintain his website. How did that come about? Can you explain a little what it is you do for Tim?

Answer: Ha, ha. My background is in marketing, so I make my opinion known now as much as possible. Tim likes to keep things all in the family, and the fan club thing just came about after the show started. He was being bombarded with requests, but wanted to have control over what was going on. I don't run an official fan club with paid membership for him anymore, because since I have a child now, I just don't have the time. Fans can sign-up for a free e-mail membership through the www.timrusswebpage.com to stay electronically informed. Let's see, what do I do? I process his fan mail so he can get through it. I attend conventions with him for the purpose of slepping and selling his photos, etc. for donations to his charities. I recommend and assist him with on stage entertainment for his conventions. And, finally, I am here for support he needs, emotionally or professionally - just as he is for me.

Click here for the full interview.

Also new is an interview in the Trekker Newsletter with Brian Michael Scully, who has been pitching Voyager stories for three years. Here's again one of the interview questions:

Question: Have any of your stories been accepted by Paramount Pictures?

Answer: Oh, God, it's so difficult to do this sort of thing. I've had (as of 8/22), I think it's eight or ten episodes in various stages of consideration or development. I had one Borg story, called "Scope", being championed by the staff for all of Season Six, but it was beaten out by "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" (which really ingratiates me, since that episode got an Emmy nomination -- that's MY nomination! :-) ). And then, in Season Seven, several Borg stories were already planned, so "Scope" died slowly. But it felt good knowing it was fought for by everyone. Besides that, they've really loved some others... this one where the crew (and Voyager itself) became addicted to a planet was well-received... I recently pitched a sort of Kobyashi Maru story that was very well-received, and it fit perfectly into what Ken wanted for an episode. But Bryan Fuller was championing a Dungeons And Dragons Holodeck story and Rick approved that one before my story could be discussed. But just this past week, I pitched my last episode to Voyager and it's now being considered for a final slot, so... fingers crossed.

For the full interview, written by BW, click here.

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