Billingsley Talks 'Odd Couple' Episode

By Caillan
July 26, 2002 - 12:31 PM

John Billingsley's Dr. Phlox will be paired with Captain Archer in an upcoming Enterprise episode, billed as an 'Odd Couple'-style outing.

Speaking to the Sci-Fi Wire at the recent UPN press junket, Billingsley outlined the basic premise of the episode, which will be the "fourth or fifth" of the season.

"Scott [Bakula] and myself, for reasons I don't yet know, we are in the sick bay together," the actor said. "I think...the captain's dog is ill. So it's sort of an 'Odd Couple' episode. I think it's revealed that I have a very long tongue. That's about all I know. But I assume we might learn a little bit more about Denobula."

Executive producer Rick Berman recently described the episode as "very humorous" (story). "[Archer] moves into Sickbay the same way a mother will move into the hospital when her child gets sick."

Billingsley also continued his campaign to have his wife appear on the series. "I always say to people, in hopes that if I say it often enough, it'll come true, [that] I would like my wife, Bonnie [Friedericy] ... [to] one day be introduced as all three of my wives," he joked. "That all of the women on Denobula look like her. That would be fun. And that would give her a lot of episodes, and we'd have more residual cheques coming into the home."

The original article can be found here at the Sci-Fi Wire.

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