UPN To Become Paramount Network

By Christian
July 26, 2000 - 1:52 AM

UltimateTV is reporting some fairly surprising news - as of January 1, 2001, UPN will rename itself into the Paramount Network. The net launched in January 1995 as UPN, co-owned by Viacom and Chris-Craft, but experienced years of steady financial and viewer losses until finally stabilising this year. With the addition of 'WWF Smackdown!' last year and the net's relaunch, the net appears well underway in revitalising itself.

In the UltimateTV report, UPN CEO Dean Valentine is quoted as saying "UPN always felt (like) an awkward name", chosen mainly because of the alliance with Chris Craft. As Viacom recently obtained full control over the network, it now became possible to just use the Paramount name.

With the name change also comes a new logo, which you see pictured above. The Paramount name will strongly help the network, according to Valentine: "Our closer association with one of the preeminent names in entertainment will bring enhanced recognition and credibility to everything we do...the Paramount name is synonymous with excellence and innovation."

What this also means is that the chances of Series V being aired on UPN have just gone dramatically up. Star Trek has always been regarded as Paramount's crown jewel, so it seems only logical that the new Star Trek series would air on the Paramount Network.

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