Berman: There Will Be More Star Trek Movies

By Lisa
June 27, 2002 - 12:25 AM

Star Trek Executive producer Rick Berman recently made some comments that should make fans of Star Trek feature films very happy.

"There will be Star Trek movies for a long time," Berman told the Star Trek Communicator (via TrekWeb).

"Whether they are going to be Next Generation movies or movies based on other series or Enterprise or movies based on brand new characters, I just don't know." He added that discussion has not yet taken place about the direction of Trek movies beyond 'Nemesis.'

Closer at hand is the start of the second season of Enterprise, and Berman commented about the direction of the show in season two. "We have plans to bring back both recurring characters and aliens we've seen before," he said. "There are some things we stepped on a little too many times this season.

"We want to continue with episodes that continue to show us this first group of travellers and the excitement and trepidation that goes along with travelling through space," he continued. "There are no major seasonal arcs that we have planned yet."

The full interview with Rick Berman will appear in issue 139 of The Star Trek Communicator. Alternatively, extracts are online at TrekWeb.

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