Special DVD Box Sets For Region 2?

By Caillan
June 26, 2002 - 3:04 PM

For fans not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on DVD season box sets, the perfect alternative may be coming later this year.

According to the R2 Project's sources, four special themed Star Trek DVD box sets will be available in October and November this year. These sets will only be available in Region 2 (Europe), and will not play on North American (Region 1) machines.

The first two packs reportedly set for release are 'The Borg Box Set' and 'The Q Continuum Box Set' in October. Due to their thematic nature, these sets could contain episodes from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Voyager fans will be pleased to discover a special Seven of Nine pack will reportedly be released in November, although it is not known whether these will contain the same episodes as the Seven of Nine video sets. According to the site, all nine currently-released Trek feature films will be included in 'The Movies Box Set,' also set for a November debut.

While The Next Generation will continue to be released in regular installments, there are no plans to release Deep Space Nine box sets before 2003, with Enterprise DVDs also unlikely to debut this year.

Please note that this information has not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until then should be treated as you would any other rumour. The original article can be found here at the R2 Project. Thanks to Ian Pritchard for this!

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