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DeBoer Loved Working On DS9

By Caillan
June 26, 2002 - 3:04 PM

Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax) sparkled with enthusiasm recently when asked about her work on Deep Space Nine, despite the fact that she was only on the series for a year.

"I did feel good about it," deBoer told Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb. "You can always want to do more and I'm sure the writers did afterwards, that's just natural to feel that. But they sure crammed a whole lot of stuff in there for me for a year. I have fond memories of working on it, I loved working on it! I loved the character, I loved the cast, I miss working at Paramount studios!"

The actress said she would have liked Ezri to have found her feet quicker. "I do like to play strong characters and of course Ezri did have strength in her," she said. "She just was confused for the first half of it. So I would've really liked to have gotten it together later on and maybe not thought about boys so much. I would've liked to have continued on, to have her become more confident and get more together. It was ok playing it that [nave] way but I liked how she got more confident near the end."

Three years on, deBoer couldn't be happier with her new series The Dead Zone, based on the Stephen King book. "It's like being with anybody who is really good at what they do, it's like being on a David Kelley show or something," she said of the series, developed by Trek veteran Michael Piller. "These people are experts, and were benefiting from that."

The Dead Zone is still in its infancy, which means every day is a new discovery for the actors. "Right now things are still coming to you as a character," deBoer said. "We're working together with the writers as they watch the dailies come in and feed off that and have their own ideas. I really like the camera stuff that's going on and the visual effects that we're using. I think we're trying to use the most cutting-edge that we can for our budget. I've done some like in the pilot, with weird camera moves, you're almost doing things like a play, which is kind of challenging."

To read the full interview, in which deBoer also talked about her convention experiences, head over to TrekWeb.

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