Perlman Delighted To Be Involved With Trek

By Caillan
June 26, 2002 - 1:34 PM

Ron Perlman couldn't have been happier to score the part of the Reman Viceroy in the upcoming 'Nemesis,' because he finally had a chance to appear in a Star Trek movie.

"Whenever one finishes a film, one just hopes for the best because there's so many ways a film can go right, and so many ways a film can go wrong," Perman told David Server at "And the minute you walk off the set you have no control over any of that stuff. But I can say for sure that when you walk onto the set to do a Star Trek movie, it's such a venerable iconic part of the American cultural quilt, that you really feel kinda blessed that you got asked to the dance."

Although he hasn't yet seen the finished product, the Golden Globe-winning actor had a great time shooting the movie. "That was kinda cool – make that picture on the Paramount lot, with all the bells and whistles for it, and to now say in my own little way, I've contributed to the arc. I hope it turns out great, it was a wonderful script, that much I do know. And some great talent involved in it as well."

Perlman singled out co-star Tom Hardy (Shinzon) for particular praise. "The guy who I play opposite is this young British actor named Tom Hardy, who I really enjoyed watching. He's a very young guy, at the total beginning of his career, and he just handles himself like he's been doing this for 30 years."

The full interview, in which Perlman also talked about his role in the upcoming 'Hellboy,' can be found here at Thanks to 'Blazer Boy' for this!

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